Richard Fox (GB)  *20/09/1988

For most of his life Richard was a 400-metre hurdler and decathlete. It wasn’t until much later that Richard discovered circus after a short career in construction. In 15ft6 his task consists mainly of throwing and catching people, but from time to time he likes to put on a nice dress. On his free days Richard likes to watch Formula 1 and his goal in life is to own a red Ferrari and a caravan.


Tain Molendijk (AUS)  *17/07/1993

Tain began her career as a gymnast on the Australian national team. She soon discovered circus and at 18 was scouted by Cirque du Soleil, whom she worked with through the creation and tour of ‘Amaluna’. From Cirque du Soleil she was scouted by 15ft6. In her own special way she brings a feminine touch to the show, balancing out the three boys. Tain loves crochet, craft, photography and the company of elderly people.


Thomas Dechaufour (F)  *4/04/1986

Acrobat, stuntman, actor and occasionally dancer. Thomas went to school with Jasper at ESAC, specialising in Chinese pole. After graduating he was mostly active in the world of contemporary dance, theatre and pole dance. But in 15ft6 Thomas comes back to raw circus. In his free time Thomas is an aquarium enthusiast, he also enjoys gardening, banzai trees and sushi.


Jasper D’Hondt (B)  *27/05/1987

Jasper took his first steps into circus in Ghent at Circusplaneet. He continued his formation at ESAC where he graduated in 2009. As well as ‘Dynamite and Poetry’ he also jumps teeterboard with Planche A4. Besides performing in 15ft6, Jasper is also responsible for pretty much everything. Jasper has no hobbies.