15Feet6 was founded late 2012 by Richard Fox and Jasper D'Hondt. A few months later, Thomas Dechaufour and Tain Molendijk joined our company for the creation of what would become 'Dynamite & Poetry'. The show turned out to be a success, 'Dynamite & Poetry' toured the European summer festivals and performed 236 shows in 12 different countries. The winters were mainly spent performing Russian bar with Palazzo in Germany.

In 2016, after four intense summers on tour, we decided to end on a high with 'Dynamite & Poetry'. We slowed down the pace and mainly performed with our Russian bar act. There were also some changes in the line-up: Tain went back to study in Australia and Junhong Zhu a.k.a. Shine became our new Russian bar flyer. A few years and many shows later Jasper and Shine took their retirement from Russian bar and we welcomed Niko Miettinen from Finland and Spaniard Mateo Giron. In the meanwhile Jasper who, in addition to his directing and production work, used his time to specialise in acrobatic roller skating.

After a creation time in 2020 we are ready to get back on tour with new work.